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Submitted on
September 27, 2012
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Name: Alonzo Hyche

Nicknames: Lonnie (absolutely hates being called Alonzo)

Age                                         16

Birthday                                 N/A

Sexuality                                Gay

Species                                   Shape-shifter (Brown Wolf)


·         Mom (Deceased)

·         Dad (Deceased)

·         Marcus Hyche (Uncle; Mom’s Brother)

·         Rita Hyche (Aunt)

Friends                                   N/A

Music Genre                         Anything rock, The Pretty Reckless being his favorite band

Book Genre                           Horror, Dark Romance, Mystery

Quotes                                   Life sucks… And then you die – Cerebral Fix

Spec. Abilities                       (If any, if multiple, should be listed with bullets)

Appearance                          Lonnie has naturally tan skin, jet black, messy hair, hazel eyes and tan skin. He has slight muscle tone, enough to be considered muscular and is around 5’08”. He usually wears black t-shirts with something on it (band logo, movie logos or pictures etc., whatever he likes) with dark jeans (dark blue or black) With his black shoes, wrist bands, watch, sometimes a dark beanie or dark baseball cap, sometimes his shades, (which means he doesn’t want to be spoken to) and much of the time, black nail polish. He has his left earlobe pierced with a curcle earring with spikes on both ends, wears a gothic cross chain necklace with a blue gem in the center of the cross and one specific ring on his right middle finger that has no detail to it.

Bio                                          Lonnie is a sophomore at Bloody Hell High School. He’s very blunt and open and while you can’t tell by seeing it, he is 100% gay and not afraid to say so if asked. Though he comes off as a bully because of his personality being so blunt and outspoken, he is good. Lonnie completely hates Twilight and if it’s every brought up by anyone positively, he breaks that persona opinion on it, making them see the cold truth about it, especially when the wolves are called Werewolves, Because he is exactly what they are which is not werewolves.

Background                           Lonnie lost his parents as a puppy to helicopter hunters who flew through the skies killing wolves. Somehow he got away. He now lives with his Uncle Marcus (Black wolf, yellow eyes) and Aunt Rita (grey wolf, one eye blue, one eye brown).

This is my character in :iconrenna-rei:'s manga, "Bloody Hell High". I'd say he stands for my darker side in style, be definitely me in personality!
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